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Community-Based Outreach- Ages 14-24

Extended Hands of Hope will provide trauma-informed and strengths-based preventative and restorative services and support to identified female survivors of sex trafficking and/or those that are not identified but are considered high-risk for trafficking or exploitation as indicated by the High-Risk Victim Identification Tool.

Our services will include: Home-based Interventions, Intensive Family Therapy, Sexual Abuse Treatment, Life Skills, Mental Health Services, Substance Abuse Treatment, After-care Services, and limited one-on-one mentoring services. All services are approached through a trauma-informed and strengths-based lens. We also include sex trafficking survivor-informed techniques and methods. Trauma-Informed Care is the education of the psychobiological effects of serious, recurrent, and chronic stress, and then the knowledge and application of required interventions to aid in the recovery from these experiences.

Our Community Based Outreach Program focuses on serving survivors of sex trafficking in their own communities and homes, in order to address the mental health symptoms and maladaptive behaviors that precede and proceed an adolescent’s involvement in sex trafficking, including but not limited to symptoms of trauma, substance use/abuse, and educational deficits.

Goals for the Community-based Outreach Program:

•Decrease the need for out-of-home placement

•Decrease trafficking incidents within the individual’s life

•Decrease potential abuse and neglect within the client’s home environment

•Decrease the amount of running incidents

•Increase healthy and safe parent-child conflict management and resolutions

•Increase school attendance and improve grades

•Increase improvement in mental health

•Increase family support systems

•Prevent the trafficking and/or exploitation from occurring in a high-risk child’s life

•Increase the child and family’s understanding of what sex trafficking is and how to respond to, end or prevent further exploitation

Launching August 2018

*Images do not reflect the actual identity of girls in our programs. Images are the sole property of Extended Hands of Hope.