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Avanti House – Ages 12-17

Avanti House Safe Home offers trauma-informed services. This means everything we do is based on the latest research surrounding the psychobiological effects of serious, recurrent, and chronic stress. Our programs are built on best practices for intervention in order to best help our girls in their recovery.

It is required that staff understand the impact of traumatic experience on the people around them, and participate in the psycho-education and training on this information on an ongoing basis. 

At Avanti House, Extended Hands of Hope offers survivors a range of services through a three phase-multimodal-model. They include case management, psycho-education groups, academic and vocational services, health services, recreation and leisure, adequate clothing, appropriate personal hygiene items, and adequate, comfortable and safe living space(s).

Extended Hands of Hope safe house program at Avanti House provides restorative services that are built on the foundation of the agency’s Vision, Mission and Core Values. The program is also guided by certain philosophies of treatment: trauma-informed, moral-based, and strengths-based treatment. The services and interventions derived from these values and philosophies are intended to decrease the impact of trauma on survivors of sex trafficking. A child who has endured such complex trauma often has difficulty managing emotions and displays behaviors, including but not limited to, symptoms of PTSD, depression, aggression and/or running away. In order to best meet the needs of this population Extended Hands of Hope-Avanti House provides services through a three phase-multimodal-model.

Phase 1: Orientation and Assessment: Discover H.O.P.E. Phase

Phase 2: Healing and Stability: Recover S.E.L.F.

Phase 3: Independence and Transition: Uncover G.O.A.L.S. Avanti Phase

Length of Stay
Emergency/Short-term placement: 24 hours to 30 days
Longer term: 90 days to 24 months

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*Images do not reflect the actual identity of girls in our programs. Images are the sole property of Extended Hands of Hope.