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Carriers of Hope

The Carriers of Hope (CoH) Mentorship program provides restorative services to female youth ages 14-24 who have been recovered from sex trafficking, as well as preventative services for those who have been identified as vulnerable to being trafficked. The mission of Carriers of Hope is to provide a structured, trauma-informed program where youth survivors and vulnerable youth can set and attain personal goals within the supportive context of healing mentorships. As the trauma of trafficking occurs in relationships we believe it is imperative for the healing process to include building new, safe and trusting relationships. Additionally, in providing services to those who are at high risk of being trafficked we hope to help reduce the amount of girls who are put through this traumatic experience.

Carriers of Hope fulfills this mission through matching survivors and high risk youth with trained mentors. Through the success of our existing mentorship program integrated within our residential programming we have identified the need for such services for survivors and high risk youth residing in the community.

There are 5 core areas of support within the program: Confidence, Competence, Character, Compassion, and Community.

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