The Rare Pokémon Hunt in Pokémon GO: What Trainers Are Seeking!

The Rare Pokémon Hunt in Pokémon GO: What Trainers Are Seeking!

 Let’s explore the world of Pokémon GO, the cool phone game that has been going strong since 2016. The most interesting part? Getting all sorts of Pokémon nearby! In Pokémon GO, some Pokémon are very hard to find, and trainers are trying to fill out their Pokédex. Players of Pokémon GO are eagerly looking for the top 10 rare Pokémon. This piece will tell you all about them.

What Are the Rare Pokémon in Pokémon GO?

  1. Mewtwo: If you play Pokémon GO, this rare psychic Pokémon is a dream come true. Trainers are always amazed by Mewtwo’s amazing mental abilities, which make it stand out in Raid Battles. But there’s a catch: Mewtwo doesn’t just appear in Pokémon GO like other Pokémon do. It only shows up at certain times or during certain events, like Pokémon gatherings or special sales. Because of the time and place limits, players must be busy and take part in these events to have a chance to catch Mewtwo.
  2. Lugia: Lugia is a legendary Pokemon from Generation II who stands for power and peace. It is a rare items that people want because it looks nice and has strong moves. Lugia often shows up in Raid Battles and Pokémon Festival events that Niantic plans. During these times, Lugia turns into the Raid Boss, and all players must work together to beat it. It’s no longer possible to catch Lugia after the event is over until the next event comes around.
  3. Gible: Gible, a rare Dragon-type Pokémon, is a tough find. Its evolution, Garchomp, is one of the strongest and most popular Pokémon in the game. Players hope to stumble upon Gible and evolve it into the mighty Garchomp.
  4. Deino: Deino, a mysterious Dark and Dragon-type Pokémon, is quite elusive. Despite its rarity, Deino holds great potential with its evolution, Hydreigon, known for its strength and fear factor.
  5. Unown: Unown is an incredibly unique and rare Pokémon. There are 28 variations of Unown, representing each letter of the alphabet and question mark symbols. Finding and collecting all Unown variations is a significant challenge for Pokémon GO players.

Rare Collection Part 2

  1. Axew: Axew, the cute Dragon-type Pokémon, is rare and sought after. Players want to find Axew to evolve it into Haxorus, a Pokémon with incredibly powerful attacks.
  2. Riolu: Riolu, a rare Fighting-type Pokémon, packs promising strength. Its evolution, Lucario, is one of the most popular and resilient Pokémon in the klik88slot game.
  3. Bagon: Bagon, a rare Dragon-type Pokémon, is in high demand. Its evolution, Salamence, is a Pokémon with outstanding attack power and speed.
  4. Gible (again!): As mentioned before, Gible is a highly sought-after rare Dragon-type Pokémon. Its cute design makes it a fan favorite.
  5. Shiny Pokémon: Beyond generally rare Pokémon, Pokémon GO players are also on the lookout for Shiny Pokémon. Shiny Pokémon have different colors and rarely found. They add a unique touch to a player’s Pokémon collection and are considered an achievement in the game.


It’s not easy to find these uncommon Pokémon, like Mewtwo, Lugia, Gible, and more. To find a rare spawn, players must either look around, fight in Raids, or be very lucky and find one in a certain place.

Pokémon GO players feel a lot of happiness and satisfaction as they try to finish the Pokédex and catch all the rare Pokémon. It’s an accomplishment to have rare items, and having them lets you fight in tough battles.

Players are encouraged to keep discovering the real world, interacting with other trainers, and meeting new Pokémon because of how exciting it is to do so. The draw of Pokémon GO is what keeps players all over the world hooked.

So it’s not a surprise that Pokémon GO players want to find rare items like Mewtwo, Lugia, Gible, and more. For Pokémon GO players, getting a rare Pokémon is one of the most rewarding parts of the game.